Start A Chapter

If every citizen in the United States participated in just one day of service per year – dedicating 4 hours of their time to making their community a better place – that would total over 1.3 billion hours of service. That is our vision, and you can help be a part of that by starting your own chapter of Sweaters & Sustenance and leading day of service activities in your own community.

Our chapter program is a turn-key service program that provides you instructions for how to:

  1. Fundraise for the purchase of necessary materials
  2. Organize a group of volunteers
  3. Source, assemble, and organize meals and clothing
  4. Safely engage with homeless individuals
  5. Track your impact using our app

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To start a Sweaters & Sustenance chapter, sign up below and we’ll get in touch with you to talk about how the chapters work and what you need to get started.